Using delay

Author: sleepfreaks

Creating depth in a track with delay

Repeat sounds with the effect known as「Delay」.

  • Fit a track into a song
  • Create depth
  • Create width

It proves a valuable tool that can be applied to a variety of tracks.



Delay basics


  • Delay – Selects the cycle in which a track/sound repeats. In many cases, it can be synced to the tempo
  • FeedBack – Determines how many times the sound is repeated
  • Lo-Hi – Cuts the frequencies on the repeated signal, creating a natural sound
  • Mix – Determines how much delay is heard

Short delay


By removing the「Sync」function,
you can determine the repeat times via「absolute time / milliseconds」.

By shortening the time(10〜70), there is less echo,
and you can create a type of depth to the sound.

Ping pong delay


The delay signal will move from「left←→right」.
Because of this, you can create width to your track.

The basic settings will look like above.