Automated mastering service LANDR gets an upgrade

Author: sleepfreaks

Mastering engine gets an upgrade, with new private/public upload functions added


The mastering service LANDR (mentioned in our previous article), has been renewed and upgraded this year.
From an upgrade in the quality of mastering, to private and public upload capabilities, it is now even more desirable than ever.
We will discuss these new features in detail, as well as give opinion on the services.

LANDR’s new engines power and functions – Video overview

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We have collaborated with LANDR, and in addition to the free mp3 monthly plan, we have added 2 free WAV file exports as well.
In addition, it will also include 2 free releases on a platform such as iTunes!
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Trying out the new mastering engine

The characteristics of LANDR’s new engine “Lydian” are as follows.


Lets take an in-depth look at the improvements made.


For the results, check out the video above.
The sound is focused on the track, and dramaticism is added, while still remaining true to the original direction of the mix.
Put in one word, the sound is very “now.”

Sharing songs with other users privately

In addition to an increase in quality, new features have been introduced.
One of these features is private sharing. You can easily share tracks uploaded to LANDR with other users, be it pre or post mastering.

It’s very easy to do.
By placing your cursor above the title of an uploaded track (right hand area), a share icon will come up; click this icon.


Then a popup will appear, and after selecting the mastering version (including original track), the email address of who you want to share with, and the expiration date, click the share button.


The recipient will receive an email.
If they already have a LANDR account, they can access the song directly from the link sent to their email.
If not, they can sign up for a free account to access the file.


You can send messages and even add other users on the shared track’s page.

Release music for 100yen a month

Another added service is the ability to release music.


You can now release music uploaded to LANDR on major platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.
By paying a monthly fee, you can upload as many songs as you want to these platforms.
In addition, all profits made from the streaming services will be paid to you.

In addition, you can use these services as a standalone or opt in later.


You can release 10 songs for as low as 100yen a month, which is plenty for uploading as an individual artist.
Those who don’t wish to use the mastering services but want to release music can use this feature too!

It is also very easy to use; go to the release page, select the song, and just fill in the necessary info.
An option for which streaming platform to upload to will come up, and most of the biggest platforms are included in the list.


From increasing the quality of their mastering, to a variety of innovative services, LANDR is a force to be reckoned with. If this article piqued your interest, sign up for LANDR with Sleepfreaks to enjoy bonus features!


Using the automated mastering service – LANDR