fabfilter Pro-Q 2 – New functions part 2

Author: sleepfreaks

Pro-Q 2 Frequency type functions


We will continue from our previous article on the「fabfilter Pro-Q 2」.

In this article we will center around frequency controlling functions, both unique and useful, that we would like you to try out too.

fabfilter Pro-Q 2 – Tutorial video

fabfilter Pro-Q
fabfilter Pro-Q2_1. New functions Auto Gain, etc.
fabfilter Pro-Q2_2 New functions Spectrum Grab & EQ Match*Current article

Spectrum Grab

It’s a function that allows you to visually see frequencies while editing.


Turn on the「Analyzer」shown in red.
This turns on the「Spectrum Grab」.

Spectrum Grab

Let go of the mouse in the frequencies while the song plays, and after a while the waveform will turn darker.

Spectrum Grab-1

By dragging the frequency up/down,
you can freely adjust「boost/cuts」.


In addition, turning on the「Freeze」
allows you to use the「Spectrum Grab」even when the audio isn’t playing.

This works great for more detailed edits.

EQ Match

「EQ Match」analyzes a selected tracks frequencies,
and allows you to place that EQ on another track.

This function utilizes「side chain」.
We added some articles on how to do this on your DAW below.

For this article we will use「Cubase」as an example.


Apply「fabfilter Pro-Q 2」to the track that you want the EQ from another track applied to.
Turn on the「side chain」.


Second the track (that you want to use the EQ of) to「fabfilter Pro-Q 2」
※To ensure the track doesn’t make sound, change the send mode to「pre」, and set the volume to 0

EQ Match

From the Analyzer, select「EQ Match」.

Pro-Q-2 分析

The current track (pale white), the applied frequencies (red), and the difference (white) will be shown.
※To calculate the average frequencies, let the song play for over 30 seconds

If the different is too small/big,


you can adjust it from the send amount.


After this, click「Match」.


Select the number of points for the frequency curve.
After this, click「Finish」.


As shown, the EQ curve from the sent track will be applied.

Side chain by DAW





「Ableton Live」

「FL Studio」