How to place a banner ad for Plugin/DAW products

For promoting new products, services, and event promotions


We are currently looking for companies who want to place ads on our website.
With a scale of 720,000 monthly views, and 155,000 unique users, we provide an effective platform to help promote your product.
Please use our platform to help promote your new products, services, and events.

On our site, we provide 3 main areas to place ads, where very high results can be expected.
We have made the process of placing an ad on our site very simple, and it is possible to put up an ad in a minimum of 2 full work days.


We have also optimized our ad placement to work on devices other than computers (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) as well.
Regardless of what device used, we provide an effective platform for promotion.

Our platforms and their statistics


Web Site
Monthly view estimates: approx. 720,000

Monthly Unique User estimates: approx. 155,000

YouTube Channel
Subscribers: approx. 41,000
Total Channel Views: approx. 10,000,000

※ Data provided from the 2017 November 12th to December 12th period




Devices Used

Ad Type 1: TOP page slider + Ad placement under 2,300 different articles


With this Ad type your ad will be placed under the newest article slider on our TOP page (heaviest traffic) as well as underneath the video content portion at the end of approximately 2,300 articles.

The article slider and video content portions are a hot spot where our users spend a large amount of time, and have a very high click rate.

●We can place up to 3 different company ads, and the banners change at a rate of once per every 3 seconds.
●The order that the ads are shown change randomly every time the page is accessed.

  • Banner/Ad size: Width 740px, Height 130px
  • Number of ads: We take a maximum of 3 companies ads at a time, rotating every 3 seconds

※Ads will be shown below the picture/sample audio file on articles without videos

Ad Type 2: Ad placement above 2,300 articles


With this ad type your ad will be placed above the top of approximately 2,300 articles.
This ad type guarantees being viewed when a user accesses an article.

  • Banner/Ad size: Width 740px, Height 130px
  • Number of ads: We take a maximum of one company ad at a time

Ad Type 3: All pages and article sidebars, including the TOP page


With this ad type your ad will be placed on all pages on our site including the TOP page, as well as on the sidebar of all articles.

Even when scrolling down, the banner image follows the scrolling so this type of ad is also very effective for longer articles.

  • Banner size: Width 300px Height 250px
  • Number of ads: We take a maximum of two companies ad at a time

Banner Ad posting price

The price of posting an ad is the same for all 3 ad types.

Price to post an ad for one month

Ad Placement
Banner size
Number of ads

Ad Type 1
72,000Yen / Price to post an ad for one month
(tax included)
TOP page slider
Under 2,300 different articles

Banner/Ad size
Width : 740px
Height : 130px
Number of adsMaximum 3 companies,
rotated every 3 seconds

Ad Type 2
72,000Yen / 1ケ月(税込み)
above 2,300 articles

Width : 740px
Height : 130px
掲載数One company

Ad Type 3
72,000Yen / 1ケ月(税込み)
All pages and article sidebars
Including the TOP page

Width : 300px
Height : 250px
Number of adsTwo companies

Discounts for long term advertising
Post Period Price to post an ad
(tax included)
Price per month
(tax included)
Number of times to change ad picture
(changing advertisement
1 Month 72,000Yen 72,000Yen 0
3 Months 204,000Yen 68,000Yen 3
6 Months 378,000Yen 63,000Yen 6
1 Year 696,000円Yen 58,000Yen 12

※If there are open ad slots available, it is possible to post via multiple ad types.
If interested, please make a note about it in the Other Remarks section of the application form.

Payment Methods

We take payments through bank transfers, and credit card payments.

●Credit card payments: We accept payment via PayPal

Free1 week trial period


In order to test the effectiveness of our platform, we offer an free 1 week trial period.
Please tick “yes” on the “Try the 1 week trial post” portion of the application form.

※The free trial service is offered only once per company.

Steps to take before posting

The steps required to follow before you can post an ad/banner are very simple, and it is possible to have an ad up on site in a minimum of 2 days.


  1. 1Send the “Application form” below.
  2. 2We will review the application, and send you a confirmation email.
  3. 3Complete the payment the day before the ad is uploaded (at the lastest).
  4. 4The ad will go live on the decided date starting at 11am.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact us through the Contact Form,

    Banner/ad Application form