MAGIC AB 2 – Referencing in the mastering process

Author: sleepfreaks

Quickly switching to your reference track and improving your workflow


SampleMagic’s「MAGIC AB 2」that allows you to switch instantly between multiple reference tracks in your project.

It can be used not only for mixing/mastering,
but used as a tool for arranging, to quickly check your progress and direction as you move along.

It comes is「AAX/AU/VST」formats, and is compatible with almost all DAWs.
Lets take a look at some uses.

Product site :

MAGIC AB 2 – Tutorial video

Applying MAGIC AB 2


MAGIC AB 2 is applied last on a master track.

If another plugin is placed after MAGIC AB 2,
the reference sound will be effected by the plugin as well.

Reference sound placement and listening

A maximum of 9 reference sounds can be placed.

Load Sound

Click on the file name and select「Load Sound」
to select the reference file.

The compatible file formats are「mp3, Aiff, Wav, m4a, AAC」.

※If the title of the file being read has 2 byte character, it will show up as an error, so make sure to use regular lettering.


Last, click「A/B」to switch the monitored source.

  • A : The project in the DAW will be played normally
  • B : The reference track selected will be played


Switching reference tracks can be done with the play button.

Volume meter


A/B has individual level meters set up,
allowing for Peak and RMS monitoring.

You can optimize volume/loudness smoothly using these meters as well.

Peak/RMS – Tutorial video

Playback designation


By clicking on a point in the waveform, and clicking on a number from below,
you can place a maximum of 4 markers.

By clicking on the marker, you can instantly move to the designated location saved on it.

In addition, by turning on the「Loop」and dragging to designate the span,
you can loop the selected area.

Saving presets

By saving the reference tracks and marker points,
you can quickly access them in other projects and bring up the settings when necessary.

Having 9 different reference tracks saved for different genres is a tip we recommend.

Save Preset

To save a preset, click the「PRESETS」button.
Select「Save Preset」from the menu to save.

To bring up a saved preset,
select「Load Preset」from the same menu and select the preset.