Electri6ity 3 – Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 1〜

Author: sleepfreaks

Sequencing guitar solos and lead guitars

Previously, we took a look at sounds on “Electri6ity.”
We will now take a look at how to sequence guitar solos, over the course of 2 articles.

Electri6ity Video access

  1. 1Trigger keys & power chords
  2. 2Sound and strum sequencing
  3. 3Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 1〜 *Current article
  4. 4Sequencing a guitar solo 〜part 2〜
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About Fretboard | Position

Click on the “Settings” tab and change from “Strings” → “Fretboard.”

“Fretboard | Position” refers to what area of the fretboard the guitar play.

For most background/rhythm guitar parts, “Auto” will work just fine.
For a guitar solo, its best to move it to somewhere around “Position 9〜15.”
(In our video we set it to “Position 12”)

About the playing modes

Electri6ity is largely split into 3 different playing modes.

  • POLY「Key switch : F#」→ For playing harmonies (more than 1 note at a time)
  • SOLO「Key switch : G#」→ For playing single notes
  • LEGATO「Key switch : A#」→ For playing smooth/connected single notes

LEGATO mode caution

When using the playing mode “LEGATO,”
if the key switch “A#”s velocity is set “under 90,”
it will play in “LEGATO Mute” so be sure to double check when sequencing.

  • 「A#」velocity「over 91」→ LEGATO
  • 「A#」velocity「under 90」→ LEGATO Mute

We will continue in our part 2 article.

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