PR articles for DTM products Tutorial Video Production

We are available to create review articles
and tutorial videos for DTM products.

  • Prompt distribution of
    for sales and
    new products
  • Easy-to-understand
    explanations of product
    , most of
    which are in English
  • Raise awareness
    through our website
    and YouTube channel

We can help you publicize your products more attractively by utilizing our past know-how.

Features of this Service


    Over 160,000 subscribers!
    Publication on our YouTube

    We publish your video on our YouTube channel, which has over 160,000 subscribers.


    Create tutorial articles to
    accompany the videos

    By creating articles to accompany tutorial videos, products can be promoted to a wider user segment. We will also announce the created content on our SNS (Facebook, X).


    Content will be distributed
    on our website with unlimited
    publication period!

    Created articles and videos will be distributed with unlimited publication period.We will create content that is not only SEO optimized for web searches, but also designed to be used by users over the long term.

Site Information & Trends

    Monthly active users
    Monthly page views
  • YouTube
    Number of subscribers
    Approx.160,000+ subscribers
    Total number of views

*Data is total as of December 2022.

Especially pupular among men between the ages of 18 and 44!

Examples of Production Content

Various types of video content can be
produced to suit your
products and objectives.
Here are some examples.


    Introduction/tutorial of
    DAW and plug-ins

    This is the most basic way to demonstrate our videos by creating new features and tutorial videos for the products, focusing on the desktop screen.


    Demonstration videos to
    convey the attraction of
    hardware products

    Please contact us for demonstration-style video production that conveys the attraction of hardware products such as keyboards, microphones, and audio interfaces.


    Product introduction in the
    format of interview

    The person in charge or developer of your product can appear on stage to convey the appeal of your product through interviews and demonstrations.
    Product features and operational feeling that cannot be conveyed through only text and images can be fully appealed to the viewer.


    Short videos that attract

    We also support popular YouTube short videos and will carefully select the key points of your product for quick and effective PR.

Content Placement and Appeal

Articles and videos will be appealing to
attract more users' attention.

  • Placement in the slider
    of the HOME

    Placement in the slider of the HOME,
    the most accessed page.

  • Register to our
    search system

    Optimize searching so that users
    can quickly access articles and videos.

  • Placement in the category
    list on the HOME

    It makes it easier for first-time
    visitors to access articles and videos.

  • Searchability of
    articles and videos

    The article list implements tag searches
    by product
    manufacturer and type.
    Quick access to
    the article
    the user is looking for.

  • Search Results SEO

    Our content will be displayed at the
    top of the
    search results for the most common user
    search words
    “software name + usage”.

  • Websites are optimized
    for mobile display

    Our website is also compatible
    with the display
    of devices other
    than PCs (iPhone/Android/iPad)!
    PR is possible regardless of the device.

Comments about our services


    The communication was smooth, courteous, and reliable, and the videos are always of high quality, making them easy to understand and use as product training for our salespeople.

    CO., LTD.

    We have always felt comfortable working with Sleepfreaks because they produce user-friendly content while taking into account the promotional points of the manufacturer.
    We have seen many people, regardless of whether they are users of our products or not, who have gained knowledge about DTM through Sleepfreaks' easy-to-understand content, and we hope to continue to utilize Sleepfreaks as a source of information and entertainment for the DTM market.

  • Ableton

    The most attractive thing about Sleepfreaks is their overwhelming amount of knowledge about a wide variety of DAWs.
    With so many different DAW software products on the market, we have come to rely on Sleepfreaks to always create videos that appeal with an objective and accurate perspective on the merits of our products.
    The quality of the videos is of course excellent, and Sleepfreaks take the time to scrutinize the content until we are satisfied with it, and they always give us their opinions from the user's point of view, which ensures that the content is useful for our users.
    Please continue to give me your support.

Many companies have
requested this service.

Application Flow

  • STEP 01

    Please submit the “Production Request Form” below.

  • STEP 02

    We review the form and contact you to shortly. We will then contact you by phone, video chat, or in person to discuss your content.

  • STEP 03

    We start creating a video based on the content of the meeting, and you will check the completed content.

  • STEP 04

    We publish your content on the date you request.

*If you have any questions or requests about our services,
please let us know by filling out the inquiry form.

Production Request Form

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