Author: sleepfreaks

Optimizing loudness with a maximizer

Maximizers raise the density of a song without leading to cracking and distortion.
It is placed on the final stages of a master track.

Using this, you can “maximize” the loudness of a song.



※ It will become louder than shown above. Be careful with the volume 

Understanding a maximizer


The limit to volume before it distorts is「0db」.
Going over this threshold lead to the sound cracking (goes into the red).

  • Output : Determines what the total sound will be in decibels.
    Generally set to the limit「0db」or「-0.1db」
  • Optimize : Determines how dense the sound will be.
    The higher the louder it will seem, but when set too high it becomes unnatural so be careful not to go overboard

Adjust sound pressure/loudness with an RMS meter makes the process even easier.