fabfilter Pro-Q 2 – New functions part 1

Author: sleepfreaks

The new Pro-Q – Powerful features introduced!

Previously we looked at the easy to「use / see / understand」
highly functional EQ – fabfilter Pro-Q,


and the new and upgraded version「fabfilter Pro-Q 2」has been released.

Many useful functions have been added, and it has evolved a considerable amount.
Here we will take a look at the new functions in the course of 2 articles.

fabfilter Pro-Q 2 – Tutorial video

fabfilter Pro-Q2_1. New functions Auto Gain, etc.*Current article
fabfilter Pro-Q2_2. New functions Spectrum Grab & EQ Match

Customizing screen size


「fabfilter Pro-Q 2」allows you to edit the screen size.


With this, you can make even more detailed edits.

Addition of EQ types


New EQ types have been added.



This is a famous type of EQ that「cuts lows and highs」,
creating a sort of radio type sound.

Tilt Shelf

Tilt Shelf

Set a starting point, and「flip the boost and cut」from there.
It is a very uncommon type of EQ.


There are more EQ slope variations as well.

Auto gain


  • Left in red : GAIN & Q sync, preventing too much volume change
  • Right in red : When boosting/cutting EQ points, it auto edits to prevent changes in volume.
    These allow you to not be worried by changes in volume, in focus on accurately analyzing sound.

Piano roll


By turning on the piano roll button, a piano roll will appear on the bottom.

Using this, you can see what notes the current frequencies would be at,
and even learn the frequency relation on the keyboard.