WAVES Doubler – Power up your vocal tracks

Author: sleepfreaks

Doubling made easy but accurate with Doubler


「WAVES Doubler」is a plugin that applies a doubling effect.

  • Thicken your sound
  • Blend sounds into your mix
  • Spread your sound image left/right

We will use a vocal track for this tutorial,
but it can be utilized on synths, guitars, chorus, and other various tracks.

Please give this plugin a try!

WAVES Doubler – Tutorial video

Video key point – Understanding plugin types

There are a few types of Doublers.
To be able to utilize these properly, be sure to keep these points in mind.


First we will take a look at types titled「2 or 4」.


This number represents the number of sounds that can be layered to the track.

The more you layer, the thicker the sound, but the center may lose its focus.
There will be different settings if you want to「fit it in the mix」or「make the sound tighter」.

Another feature is the「mono/stereo」mode.
This will be displayed for a track like the mono vocal track used for this tutorial.


By selecting「mono/stereo」, the sound that exits the Doubler will be in stereo.
You can adjust the positioning of the layered sounds (Voice),
creating wider sounds.

Selecting「mono」places all of the Voice to the same location,
creating a tighter sound.

※Inserting「mono/stereo」on a mono track in Cubase wont turn it to stereo.
When you want use stereo on a mono track, place the audio on a stereo track, or route the sound to a stereo group channel.
The Doubler「stereo」would have to be inserted on this channel.

Video key point – Doubler parameters


By clicking the different colored buttons on the left, you can turn off the Direct (original) / Voice sounds ON/OFF.


Each Voice can be edited to interact differently with the Direct source with the following parameters:

  • Gain : Controls volume
    Adjust the balance between Direct and each Voice.
  • Pan : Controls pan
    Adjust the width of the overall sound.
  • Delay : Delays the sounds in ms (milliseconds)
    If set too slow, it will become a delay effect.
    For a doubling effect, keep this parameter low.
  • Fdbk : Controls number of repetitions of a Voice
    For a normal doubling effect, keep at「0」.
  • Oct : Lowers the Voice by 1 octave
    Use to thicken sounds with a unison effect.
  • Detune : Controls doubling nuance by shifting the sounds pitch
    It is adjusted in cents (100 to 1half note), but if the amount is too big, it will sound off pitch so be cautious here.
  • Depth & Rate : Gives movement to the sound
    Depth determines the pitch movement span, and Rate determines the speed at which it moves.
    With a light amount, you can create a chorus effect.