Free but Powerful! Sample Management Software Loopcloud 4 Tutorial ① Basics

Author: sleepfreaks

Use for free! Manage your samples from the cloud with this software

Loopcloud 4

In this article we will be taking a loop at the free sample management software “Loopcloud 4” from Loopmasters.

This product utilizes the cloud system to help avoid the over-crowding of samples on your hard-drive, and allows you to quickly access samples that you are looking for.

Lets start by taking a look at the Loopcloud 4 basics.

Loopcloud 4 Basics Video Access

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Searching for samples

There are various sample editing software from a variety of different makers.
Perhaps the most important function is the ability to find and access samples as fast as possible.

Loopcloud4 places detailed tags on samples, and allows you to quickly search for results.

サンプル検索 Loopcloud

You can narrow down results with “LOOP/ONE SHOT”,
“Instruments”, “Genres”, “Labels”, “Formats”, and more.
You can search using many different labels and approaches.

Loopcloud Tag

The selected tags will be visually displayed, and can easily be turned ON/OFF.
By pressing the “CLEAR” button, all of the tag selections will be removed.


Select a sample, and use the “space bar” to “play”.
Press the space bar again while its playing to pause it.

In addition, by turning on the loop icon, you can repeat the same sample.

Syncing with your DAW

An advantage to Loopcloud is the ability to seamlessly sync it with your DAW via AAX/VST/AU.
Syncing can easily be done.

LoopCloud DAW

Simply open Loopcloud in an audio (instrument) track in your DAW.


The DAW name being synced will show up on the bottom right of Loopcloud.


With this function, you can sync the sample playback and edit it according to your DAW tempo.


In addition, you can use your MIDI keyboard to change the sample key playback while connected to your DAW.

Pitch and Key optimization


Use the “PITCH” knob to change the sample’s pitch in half step increments.


In addition, pitched instruments will be tagged and designated with a key.
Turn on the “AUTO” button and designate key, to hear the samples played back in the designated key.

Sample download

As mentioned previously, these sample files exist in the Loopcloud server, and are not saved on your computer.
To use these samples within your song, you will need to download them.


Select your desired sample and click “DOWNLOAD HQ FILE”.

Drag & Drop Sample

After download, by dragging the image icon to the desired location, the sample will be placed.

  • ORIGINAL : Sounds without any key or other edits applied
  • PROCESSED : Sounds included edits performed within Loopcloud


After downloading, sample files saved on your computer will come with an HDD icon.
In addition, you can display just downloaded samples as well.

You can also designate where the sample files are saved.


Click on the system preferences above and select “Preferences”.

Select library folder

From the “Option” tab, designate a folder from “Select library folder”.
This is useful if you have lots of space on your computer or an external hard-drive.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

Loopcloud4 has an unbelievable amount of samples for a free software
with various tags allowing you to effectively find and use samples in your DAW.
Many of these functions can be utilized right away in your next project!

However, there is more to this software.
Next time, we will take a look at adding your own samples to expand infinitely on your library.

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