Session Strings Pro 1 – The basics

Author: sleepfreaks

Freely manipulate strings from phrasing to articulation

NI Session Strings Pro

“Session Strings Pro” utilizes automated playing, can switch playing styles,
and allows you to sequence strings to your liking.

The sound has been tried and tested,
with great sounds not only for each instrument, but with retro strings as well.

In this article we will look at the basics of “Session Strings Pro.”

Session Strings – Tutorial video

  1. 1. The basics *Current article
  2. 2. Sequencing techniques

Sound position and location


Open up the plugin and select “Section.”

  • 「Section 1/2」: Close mic’ed with equal distancing for instruments
  • 「Section 3/4」: Mic’ed a little further, with orchestral mic placement


Available tone/sounds


Next we will take a look at the tones available.

  • 「Contemporary」: A modern sound that works great with most genres
  • 「MTown」: A retro throw-back sound

Playing styles


After selecting instruments, you will be opted with further options;

  • 「Animator」: Uses automated playing to apply simple phrases
  • 「Perfomance」: Uses velocity/pedal to switch playing styles, allowing for real time performance
  • 「Production」: Uses key switches to change playing styles, best for DAW use

Sound parameters


  • 1 : Create a balance sound with both
  • 2 : Adjust the sound of the bow playing the strings
  • 3 : Adjust the left/right spread