Session Horns 1 – Basics and sound design

Author: sleepfreaks

Premium horn section sounds

Session Horns_1

Native Instruments Session Horns is included with Komplete11.

  • Trombone, Tenor sax, 2 Trumpets to create a horn section sound!
  • Auto-split harmonies to separate instruments with “Smart Voice Split”
  • Over 170 ready to use phrases

For the first article in this series, we’ll take a look at the basics.

Session Horns – Tutorial video

  1. 1Basics and sound design *Current article
  2. 2Sequencing techniques
  3. 3Session Horns Pro – Additional features and what it’s about
  4. 4Session Horns Pro 2 sequencing

Performance & Single Articulation

Session Horns_2

  • “Performance” – You can change the performance styles with velocity and pitch bend wheel.
  • “Single Articulation” – Because only one style of articulation will be playable, it helps secure the playing style.

Section Setup

Session Horns_3

Session Horns_4

Change the organization of instruments via “Section Setup.”
In “Full Section,” you can use all 4 instruments, but can also remove instruments of your choice.

Velocity Switch

Session Horns_5

Session Horns can change to a different style of articulation with Velocity.

  • 「Rip」Glissando to the note
  • 「Grace Note」Adds a grace note
  • 「Shake」The note plays out with vibrato
  • 「FoPiCre」Forte-Piano-Crescendo strong→weak→gradually stronger
  • 「FoPiCre Time」Plays Forte-Piano-Crescendo according to DAW tempo
  • 「Staccatissimo」Plays staccato note that abruptly stops
  • 「Marcato」Plays each note clearly

Doits & Falls

Session Horns_6

By moving the pitch bend wheel on your MIDI keyboard up/down,
you can utilize “Doits”/”Falls.”

Session Horns_7

You can also select “Doits/Falls on release” from the “Control” tab,
which applies the effect when the keys are released.

Voicing Assistant

Session Horns_8

When “Polyphonic” is selected, because the number is instruments x harmonies,
When using harmonies, we recommend using the “Smart Voice Split” function.

Session Horns_9

When playing 4 notes using “Smart Voice Split,” starting from the bottom the sounds are automatically split into trombone, tenor sax, trumpet 2, and trumpet 1.


By using the Octave function, you can easily create open voicings.

In general, Drop 2 Voicings have the second highest note dropped an octave, but Sessions Horns Drop function work a little differently.

Session Horns_10

When “Section Setup” is selected from “Full Section,”

  • 「Drop 1st」Trombone is dropped 1 octave
  • 「Drop 2nd」Tenor sax is dropped 1 octave
  • 「Drop 3rd」Trumpet 2 is dropped 1 octave
  • 「Drop 1st+2nd」Trombone and tenor sax are dropped 1 octave

Please try out these useful functions in 様々な機能が備わっているSession Horns!