LANDR : How to use - Mastering

Author: sleepfreaks

Using LANDR efficiently for your needs


“LANDR” provides a never before seen service known as “automated mastering.”
There may be many people familiar with mastering who see the word “automated,” and think “is that really possible?”

However, after trying it out, you will realize that it understands the mood and genre of the track, and is applied very well to the track.
In addition, like many services on the web, it is constantly evolving.

Although not all mastering can be done via automation,
we here at Sleepfreaks believe it can be utilized for the following.

  • 1. Quickly finishing demo submissions
  • 2. Beginners can have access to basic mastering
  • 3. Use LANDR as a mastering process to help improve the quality of your work

We especially recommend #3 for finding the pros/cons in “automated” mastering, and use that knowledge to increase your mastering skills.
With that in mind, we will focus on how to sign up, how to use, and how to utlize LANDR.

Utilizing LANDR – Video tutorial

Sleepfreaks special offer

We have collaborated with LANDR, and in addition to the free mp3 monthly plan, we have added 2 free WAV file exports as well.
If you’ve yet to sign up for LANDR, please follow the link below!


How to sign up for LANDR

LANDR has a free plan where you can export 2 mastered mp3 files a month.

Click on the link above, and a simple form will come up.
Fill this in, and click “Try LANDR for free” to finish.


How to use LANDR

After using the email address and password you signed up with to login, you will be brought to your profile page.
Drag and drop your mix files to the “+” mark shown, and it will upload and begin the mastering process.


A popup window will appear, and a preview will play.
You will be able to compare your original and the mastered product.


If content with the intensity, you can click save, or if you want changes, you can click the “change” button shown in the red box.
Give a little time for processing, and you will return to the comparative listening page. Put focus on the differences in intensity and dynamics, and choose the version you like.


Though you can choose “high” and “medium” for submitting a demo track, but when using LANDR as part of your mastering process, we recommend exporting in “low.”
This leaves headroom (volume at the top) allowing you to make your own changes on top.

Click “save” and you will be brought to the file type page.


Here, those who signed up with a free account will only have access to an mp3 download. However, if you signed up with the banner shown above, you will have access to 2 WAV downloads.
Also, by upgrading your monthly plan to a paid account, you can have access to other file types to export as well.

Choose the file type, click “master,” and the rendering process will start.
After completion, click on the song and you will be moved to the listening page.


Click “Download: WAV” to download to your computer.

Using LANDR for your mastering process

LANDR not only raises the volume of a track, but does many other edits to a track as well.


LANDR uses an AI algorhythm to analyze every songs differences and apply multi-band compression, eq, stereo sound enhancement, limiting, aural exciter, and more tools to complete the mastering process.

Technical specs aside, we felt the bass was tightened and raised, and the vocals were naturally brought forward in the master.

We think that after using the low intensity master, you can add your own edits afterwards to create your own mastered track.


Please give a listen to a finished product shown in the video above.

We used an electronic-pop song with vocals (Vocaloid), and even after raising the intensity with our own plugins afterwards, the kick and vocals remained clean and in front (some eq added in the process).

Try this out with alot of genres, and it may stick very well with certain songs.
Although some might not end up as good as you want, LANDR continues to evolve, and has a lot in store for the future.

We recommend trying their services out!