WAVES S1 Imager – Stereo and mono control

Author: sleepfreaks

Stereo imaging during the production/mixing process

We often hear the terms of「mono/stereo」.

By controlling these, we can prevent sounds from overlapping too much,
and create a wider sound.

Here we will look at controlling sound with the「WAVES S1 Imager」.

Video tutorial

Changing the track to mono

A track that’s wide isn’t the ideal sound for everything.
Layering sounds with other sounds correctly, and keeping the big picture in mind is key.


The track will become「mono」by completely lowering the「width」.
By raising the「Width」instead, you can widen the sound.

Where to apply the S1 Imager


Where the「S1 Imager」is applied is crucial.
For example, placing it after a「Reverb」allows you to control the reverb space.

By placing it before the「Reverb」,
the reverb effect itself wont be effected by the「S1 Imager」.

Find which works better for your sound,
and try out different placements.

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Controlling reverb PAN by DAW