NEXUS 2 reFX – How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

The EDM staple NEXUS 2


“NEXUS2” is a plugin released by reFX.

It’s an EDM staple synth that’s rocking the music scene.

What makes NEXUS2 so great is it “presets.”

By selecting a sound from the categories,
you will find a variety high quality sounds that you have definitely heard before.

Of course, you can craft your own sounds as well,
allowing you to sound design according to the song.

To use NEXUS 2, you need to verify it with an eLicenser.
If you’re struggling with the installation process, we have attached a tutorial article below:

Lets move onto what makes this plugin.

1_Preset organization and saving

2_About Amp/Filter

3_Spacial effects




7_Modulation Matrix/LFO