Sound cracking when mixing/mastering

Author: sleepfreaks

Sound cracks even with a limiter


We use a「limiter/maximizer」to increase loudness and prevent sound from cracking but my sound still seems to be cracking…

We would like to introduce some trouble shooting tips for this situation.

Fixing this problem

Case 1 – Master track’s volume fader


When bouncing a track be sure the「master fader」is at「0」.
Lowering it removes loudness, and raising it leads to audio distortion.

Case 2 – Placing an effect after a limiter


This is an example of an effect placed after the「limiter/maximizer」.

Sounds that are on the edge of distorting end up getting distorted when a different effect is placed after the limiter.

Case 3 – Using a channel strip


On a「channel strip」, it is applied in the area shown in the red.


Similar to「Case 2」,
placing a「limiter/maximizer」after this (slot 7/8) will solve this problem.