Waves TrueVerb – Characteristics and How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

Still popular long after its initial release -「TrueVerb」


Out of the many Waves plugins on the market, one of the favorite standards is「TrueVerb」

It was even included for free in the 2015 black friday sale,
and many individuals may already have this plugin.

We will revisit this plugin to take a look at how to use it, as well as its characteristics.

Tutorial video

When using as a send keep「Direct」OFF


Most reverbs will be used in a send/return track setting,
and need the Wet (effect sound) to be set to 100%.
By turning OFF the「Direct」switch in TrueVerb,
it will be set to Wet100%.

Dimension editing


「Dimension」is used to control early reflections in TrueVerb.

The higher the amount, the more the reverb feels spread left/right, and will begin to effect how the source material feels in the mix.
Keep the sounds placement in the song in mind while editing.

Room Size editing


The「Room Size」in the size of the room in cubic meters.
For example, if the amount is set to 8000, the sound is emulating a room with a length, width, and height of 20m.

With the actual size of a space in mind,
the early reflections and predelay will be auto calculated,
which is one of the biggest advantages of TrueVerb.

Distance editing


「Distance」determines the distance of the source material.
In essence it determines how far the source is located in the selected「RoomSize」.

When the Distance goes over a certain length (for a Room Size=8000, 20m), the blue line will turn red.
However, there isn’t a rule in sound design that said you can’t go over this parameter.

By editing「Distance」, the early reflections and reverb balance will be auto adjusted,
creating optimal distances from the sound source.

This is a parameter that works hand in hand with Dimension and Room Size.
Try tweaking both to find your ideal sounds.