Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 1. – Basics and changing patterns

Author: sleepfreaks

Add high quality acoustic strumming to your songs


“Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC” is an product that specializes in acoustic guitar sounds.
The power of this software is it’s high quality sounds and rich variety of patterns, that don’t lose to live guitar sounds.

This is great not only for people who can’t play acoustic guitar,
but for those without a good environment for recording acoustic guitars as well.
For those who want to easily make high quality demo’s; this product is also fantastic for this use.

We will focus on the basics of “Session Guitarist”
and how to switch strum patterns in these articles.

Session Guitarist STRUMMED ACOUSTIC Video access

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  2. 2Sound editing

Bringing up Session Guitarist


The sounds can be used from within “Kontakt.”
In addition, “KompleteKontrol” is fully compatible.

Session Guitarist

You can use “Light guide” to see where to play on the keyboard, as well as control individual parameters.
You can also use it with the “Scale function.”

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Each key’s function

Each key is separated by color, and has different functions.


  • Red_Change playing pattern
  • White(right of Red)_Stop playing
  • Yellow_Ending style playing
  • Green_Special playing styles (i.e. slide)
  • Blue_Choosing played pitch

By adding these together you can sequence playing.

Playing chords


Enter in the chord you want played.

Because the rhythm is automatically played, you can just enter extended MIDI notes.
You can use the notes below to choose the playing patterns.


By clicking the power button showed in the red box,
you can play the diatonic chords (major/minor) of a selected key on one octave.


The key can be selected from “Auto Chords,”
from the area shown in the red box.

After set up, even after closing “Auto Chords,” the key setting remains.


In addition, with “Auto Chords”
you can automatically add diatonic chords to the black keys.

We will take a brief look at the chord styles,
and how to add tension notes.

Using pattern presets

You can choose from a variety of strum patterns, and add them to your selected key.


From here, you can choose the playing style via genre.
You can change the pattern by clicking on the right and left arrows.


You can also click on the preset name, to see a list of the playing styles.
Swung/triplet playing styles are also included.

To bring up a pattern style, double click on it.


This is setting when the patterns are set up.
The guitar playing can be changed depending on the genre.

Although it will change all of the patterns above,
you can choose individual patterns as well.


You can change the preset pattern by clicking on the arrows in the red box,
or clicking on the magnifying glass.


  • Red_Select chords to preview sounds with
  • Yellow_Meter, playing nuances, and rhythmic patterns can be narrowed down
  • Green_The narrowed down patterns will be displayed
    Click to hear a preview, and double click to bring it up into the keyboard