Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 - How to use - Basic overview

Author: sleepfreaks

Running sounds and effects without a DAW

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

In this series we will take a look at the highly requested “Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.”

This software can be used as a mixing/hosting application, that can take the place of a DAW to run/organize sounds and effects.

Depending on the sounds/effects, a DAW can run pretty heavy and start to become unstable..
This is something we’ve all experienced at least once.


By using Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 and taking those sounds and effects out of your DAW, it allows you to help soften/solve these problems.

For our first article, we will take a look at the characteristics and basics, as well as how to begin syncing it to a DAW.

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 – Tutorial Video

  1. 1Basics (introduction)
  2. 2Connecting to your DAW
  3. 3Various work flow techniques

You must verify Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 with an eLicenser to use it.
We have an article on it below, so if you’re having problems with installation, please give it a look.

Merits to using Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

Let’s first take a look at what makes Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 a great tool.

Usable regardless of plugin type


Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 is compatible with AAX/AU/VST plugin types, and can run on various DAWs.
In return, Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 can also run VST and AU (Mac only) plugins in place of a DAW.

Using Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, you can use VST plugins in Logic, or run AU/VST in Protools allowing you to move beyond the barrier of plugin formats.

In addition, you can run 32bit plugins on it, meaning that you can run a 32bit plugin on a DAW running at 64bit.

Great CPU use

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

The amount of CPU used is better when running sounds on Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 than on a DAW.

The software also has a freeze function built in to help lower the workload when running sounds.

Sharing CPU workload via network


By connecting multiple computers to the same network, you can share the CPU workload from running sounds and effects.

For example, you can use a highly functional desktop as the main machine to run sounds and effects, and use your more convenient laptop to run the DAW and use as your main computer.

No need to bring up sounds when switching DAW/song


Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 can be detached from a DAW for use.

When opening a song/switching to a new song, by cutting down on the time spent reading sounds/plugins, you can improve your overall workflow.

Starting up Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

Vienna Ensemble Pro

When installing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6,

  • Mac : Application folder
  • Windows : ProgramFile

there will be a “Vienna Ensemble Pro” folder created in these locations.

Vienna Ensemble Pro

Use “Vienna Ensemble Pro Server” to sync/use it with your DAW

The version that has 64bit written at the end of the name runs 64bit plugins, and the one without any runs 32bit plugins.

For this article, lets use run on 64bit. Double click to open it.
(It will scan for VST plugins on the first time, so this may take some time)

As a rule, always open it before opening your DAW.


In this way, the DAW and “Vienna Ensemble Pro Server” are running separately.
We will take a look at syncing these in the next article.