ARTURIA V Collection 7 Tutorial 1. Basic Overview of "Mellotron V" & "CZ V"

Author: sleepfreaks

Newly added legendary keyboards! Over 8000 presets!

V Collection 7

ARTURIA has released the new “V Collection 7”.
The V Collection is known for its array of legendary sounds and synths, and helps aid a wide variety of musical applications.

V Collection 7 ラインナップ

V Collection 7 has a new “Mellotron V”, “CZ V”, and “Synthi V” added, with the organ “B-3” upgraded to V2 and the ability to manage all your sounds with the “AnalogLab” V4 update.

※ V Collection 6 users can update to “B-3 V2” “AnalogLab 4” for free.

Analog Lab 4 Preset

In the newly updated version, there are now over 8000 presets (V6 has 6000).
The presets in V Collection are incredibly functional and allow you to easy upgrade the quality of your tracks even by choosing from stock sounds.

Here, we will be primarily taking a look at the newly added “Mellotron V” and “CZ V”.

V Collection 7 Video Access

About the newly added models

First lets take a look at the newly added content to the V Collection 7.

Mellotron V

The Mellotron originated as one of the earliest modern samplers, and uses magnetic tape to record sound (sample it) with the tape attached to individual keys on a keyboard.
By pressing on a key, the tape is triggered to play.

From iconic Beatles flute sounds, to violins, chorus, and more, a wide variety of sounds are built on board.


This is a modeled version of the popular CZ synthesizer released by Casio in the mid 80’s.
Using modern WaveTable technology, the innovative “phase distortion” is implemented, and allows you to create warm and thick sounds with plenty of harmonic content.
With a wide variety of sounds, it can be used in tracks for reed, bass, pads, and more.

Synthi V

Modeled off of “Synthi AKS”, a historic modular synth that utilized a pin matrix.
When you open up “Synthi V”, that famous Pink Floyd phrase can be heard!
It has been painstakingly emulated, and allows you to completely recreate those unique sounds that can’t be copied by other synths, working great for ambient music and even sound effect production.

B-3 V2

A modeling of the legendary Hammond organ.
This new update allows you to create even more realistic and detailed settings, with newly added presets and effects.
Utilize it in a wide variety of genres and style.

Analog Lab 4

A soft synth that allows you to control all sounds in the V Collection.
Not only can you easy navigate through over 8000 presets, but you can easily make edits and perform functions such as “customizing parameters”, “layer sounds”, and “assign parameters”.
“Preset Store”, “Concert mode”, “Find Presets using AI” and more new functions have been added to evolve this tool.

About Mellotron V

Mellotron V

Starting with flutes, Mellotron V has a wide variety of preset sounds on board.
Just looking at this image brings a synth enthusiast satisfaction.

Each sound has it’s own distinct flavor, and can be used to add some spice to your tracks.

Mellotron V-1

By clicking on the advance button on the top of the screen, you can customize the sounds in detail.

You can control ADSR from the left area (green) and make adjustments to swell/thickness/decay and more.

  • ATTACK : The attack time of the sound
  • DECAY : The time it takes to reach the volume set with SUSTAIN
  • SUSTAIN : The volume when the note is being held on the keyboard
  • RELEASE : The time it takes for the sound to decay

The volume can be controlled from top center (yellow) section.
You can even add in performance noise to the sound, allowing you to further pursue realism.

  • FLUTTER : Creates a tape spin effect to add vibration to the pitch
  • TAPE SATURATION : Adds saturation to create a warmer/thicker sound
  • MECHANICS : Adjusts the noise amount of the Mellotron being “played”
  • NOISE FLOOR : Adjusts the amount of tape noise

Sound Mellotron V

You can read up to 3 sound libraries in Mellotron V.

Mellotron V Volume

In addition to using the slider on the left to blend a balance different samples, you can use the “ALL” button to maximize the volume of all placed samples.

OCT Setting

Check the piano roll displayed below to move/place samples by octaves.
This is a useful function for live performance as well.

Original Sample

You can input your own original samples (WAV) into Mellotron V as well.
It allows you to add some Mellotron flavor to your own sounds.

Simply drag and drop files to either A/B/C.

Mellotron V Original

It will be placed like so.
The notes are transposed to the keyboard and the original key is shown in the yellow highlighted areas.
You can drag it to match the keyboard key or you can pull the edges left/right to expand on the performance range.

About CZ-V


“Phase distortion” has been implemented, with a large span of tones that you can dial in.
Most of the production in the video’s sample track is made using the CZ-V.

CZ V Advance

Like Mellotron V, you can use the advance button to customize the synth.

The oscillator function in CZ-V is called “Line”.
There are 2 main Line’s on board that can be controlled individually.

CZ V Waveform

You can combine 2 waves in Line and the current waveform will be shown in the display.


A key function here is the “DCW (Digital Control Wave)” knob.
When this knob is at 0 (turned to the left), excluding certain waveforms, the sound will become a regular sine wave.
When the knob is raised (turned right), the selected waveform is applied more heavily.


By moving this “DCW”, you can create a tones that change over time.
Select the “DCW” tab and draw a curve to add movement to the “DCW”.


Currently, the DCW knob setting is set to the lowest part of the curve.
The higher the curve point the more the DCW knob increases, and when the curve point reaches the highest point, the DCW knob’s amount is also turned to the max.

There may be instances when you want to sync the curve movement to the tempo in your DAW.

Envelope DCW

Click on the “Envelope” tab and select “Line 1 DCW”.
If controlling DCW’s Line2 select “Line 2 DCW”.

Click on “Sync” in the top right to create curves that follow the beat/bars.

CZ V Preset

By clicking the curve preset on the top right, you can utilize preset curves in your own tracks.


We hope you enjoyed this look at “V-Collection 7”.

With it’s unique sounds and highly functional presets, it will undoubtedly help elevate your tracks to the next level.
Use the various synths on board to improve your workflow and access countless sounds and sonic possibilities.

There is a demo version of the product available, and those who own the previous version can upgrade for a cheaper price as well!

Next time, we will take a look at “Synthi V”, “B-3 V2”, and “AnalogLab 4”.