High Level Analysis of a Track's Key/Chords|Mixed In Key Studio Edition Tutorial

Author: sleepfreaks

Analyzing Tracks/Parts to Optimize Them

Mixed In Key _Studio Edition_

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is a plugin that creates a high quality analysis of the key/chord in a song/part.
For example, analyze a loop’s key to blend it into your track, or use it to analyze reference tracks to create new ideas.
It’s very easy to use, and even those who are unfamiliar with music theory can utilize this product hassle free.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition Tutorial – Video Access

Caution! Compatible DAW


※ This product is currently VST/AU compatible and official supported on Ableton/FL/Logic, but currently is not officially supported on “Cubase”, “Studio One”, etc. (as of Aug. 2019).

Product URL : https://mixedinkey.com/studio-edition/

Using Mixed In Key Studio Edition

There are 2 modes of analysis in Mixed In Key Studio Edition which are used for different situations.
First lets take a look at how to open this plugin.

How to Open

Insert Mixed In Key _Studio Edition_

Open this plugin as an insert plugin on the track that you want to analyze.

Master insert

There is no limit to the number Mixed In Key Studio Edition’s you can have open in a session.
By applying it to the master track, you can event analyze the key/chords of all tracks that are currently being played.


KEYS Mode allows you to analyze the key of a song/part.

Keys Mixed In Key _Studio Edition_

By playing the desired material, the analysis begins and a key results will show up.
The candidate keys will be shown in percentages, allowing you to easily determine the correct key.

Song Key

You can use it on a song with various tracks to analyze it as well.
There may be key modulations within a song, so the key point is to analyze a particular portion of the song.


NOTES Mode allows you to analyze the chords of a selected part.

NOTES Keys Mixed In Key _Studio Edition_

Just like with KEY, simply play the part that you want analyzed.
The chord notes will be displayed as shown.


By sequencing notes while checking the chord analysis, you can easily learn to copy chords and use them in your original tracks.

However, the chord voicing isn’t analyzed, so try moving around the note voicings after sequencing them in.


When analyzing a part, there may be a sudden chord change in a short span of time.
By pressing “Capture”, you can freeze that moment’s analysis results.

However, it may be hard to get the timing of “Capture” just right without accidentally analyzing other chords.


In this instance, turn on your DAW’s loop function and allow just the area that you want to analyze to be looped.
This will help prevent any unwanted analysis results.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
With just the necessary functions, it allows even beginners to easily utilize this product.

Use it to learn chords, analyze loops/materials, and figure out the key of a song!

Product URL : https://mixedinkey.com/studio-edition/