Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 - How to use - Various work flow techniques

Author: sleepfreaks

Maximizing the advantages of using separately from your DAW

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

Previously we had taken a look at using DAW and Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 together.

We hope we got the allure of being able to use multiple sounds from instances, and using MIDI channels and outputs to control sound across.

With this info in mind, we will take a look at improving your work-flow in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.

  • Connecting multiple computers to the same network, and optimizing CPU use
  • Saving frequently used sound combinations as a template
  • Opening other projects without closing sounds

and more!

We’ve included advantages to using sounds separately from your DAW.

Product site :

Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 – Tutorial video

  1. 1Basics (introduction)
  2. 2Connecting to your DAW
  3. 3Various work flow techniques

How to use network function

This is a unique function that allows you to use multiple computers to lower CPU workload from sounds and effects.
There are 2 rules to using this function.

1_Have a Vienna key put in each computer used

eLicenser Control Center

When purchasing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, it comes with multiple licenses for this exact purpose.


This license will need to be plugged into each laptop via Vienna key or eLicenser for Cubase.

2_Connecting to the same local network via LAN cable

Connect your computer with a LAN cable to your modem, to connect to the internet.
For this, we recommend a LAN cable thats GIGABIT compatible.

Lowering CPU workload via network

After following the steps above, lets actually setup to use this function.
Here we have set up a main computer to run our DAW, and a sub computer to run sounds.

Vienna Ensemble Pro

We have opened Vienna Ensemble Pro Server in our sub computer.


As mentioned in our precious article, create an instance, and open sounds that you want to use.
Of course, you can create multiple instances as well.

Vienna Ensamble Pro

Next lets open “Vienna Ensemble Pro” in our main computer’s DAW track.

Vienna Ensemble Pro-2

The instance opened in the sub computer, can be selected via the main computer.
Simply select this instance and click “CONNECT” to use it on your main computer.

Opening and sequencing the sounds is done on the sub computer, allowing the CPU and memory use to be incredibly low.


It is also offline compatible, allowing you to transfer to audio.

Creating sound templates

Created/mixed sounds and instances can be saved, and easily brought back up.
It is useful to save frequently used sounds.

There are a few ways and characteristics when saving.

Saving all instances


We will save the all of the combined instances.

Save Server Ptoject As

From the “File” menu above, select “Save Server Project As.”
Select saving location and name.


To open the saved file, select “File” from the menu above, and select “Open Server Project.”

Saving specific instances

You can also save just selected instances.

Save Project As

Select the instance you want to save, select “Instance” from the menu above, and click “Save Project As.”
Select saving location and name.

Open Project

To open the saved file/instance, select “Instance” from the menu above, and select “Open Project.”

Saving specific sounds

You can also save specific sounds, for quick access.
It’s useful to save the sounds you often use.

Save Channel Set-1

Right click on the channel (sound) that you want to save.
When doing so, you can also select multiple sounds.

Select “Save Channel Set” from the menu.
After doing so, enter a name and save the sound.

Insert Channel Set-2

To bring up the saved sound,
right click on the channel list and select “Insert Channel Set.”
The saved channel will be displayed; open up the preset you want.

Using sounds in other songs – Preserve function

By using the “Preserve function,” you can keep Vienna Ensemble Pro Server even after closing a song.
This is useful when you want to switch between songs or create a new song without changing/reopening the sounds, allowing for an increase in productivity.


To use this function, click on the key icon.

  • Lock is on : Preserve function is on : After closing a song, the sounds remain
  • Lock is off : Preserve function is off : When closing a song, the instances closes as well

We recommend keeping sounds you frequently use open, and use it as a sort of sound rack.

Preserve function caution

Previously we mentioned that when saving a song in a DAW, the Vienna Ensemble Pro Server settings will be saved as well.

As mentioned above, when using the preserve function, you can continue using the same sound.
However, there may be situation when you need parameters in the instance to be adjusted for each song (i.e. volume/pan).

In this case, the current setting for a sound and its setting in a saved song are different, and need to be re-synced.

Date Recall

When the settings are out of sync, the picture icon will be shown “off.”
Click on it and select one of the settings from below:

  • Load incoming project data : Returns instance to the setting save in the project
  • Discard incoming project data : Deletes the instance setting in the saved project, and prioritizes the current instance setting

For most cases, its best to use “Load incoming project data,” but please keep this in mind.