SonicAcademy Kick 2 - How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

The software built for kick’s : Kick2

Kick 2

“Kick 2” uses a synth oscillator as a base,
allowing you to sculpt electronic kicks; it’s an expert kick plugin.

For “EDM” and other genres of dance music,
the kick is an incredibly important factor,
and can greatly sway the quality of a song.

Kick2 contains a variety of sounds from artists and for different genres,
allowing for quick application in your music.
In addition, the very instinctive parameters allow for easy sound editing.

We will focus on the basics of Kick 2, as well how to use and edit it.

Company site :

Kick2 – Tutorial video

Bringing up presets


In the default setting, any pitch played will play the same sound.


To bring up the presets, click on the lettering at the top.
You can find presets here separated by genres and artists.

After choosing presets, by clicking the right and left directional arrows,
you can move back and forth through different presets.

After creating your own sounds, click “SAVE AS” to save the settings.
The saved presets can be accessed from the “USER” folder.

Editing each part


You can edit different parts of the sound to design your kick.

  • Click 1〜3 : Attack sound


Red : Selects attack sounds
Green : Designates volume and pan
Blue : from the left, Pitch, Length, Sample starting point, and filter

  • SUB CONTROL : Main kick sound


Red : Select the waveform used for the kick
Green : Select volume and pan
Blue : Designates pitch and harmonics. The more harmonics, the more complex sound

Editing the pitch/volume envelope


You can adjust the curve of the pitch and volume similar to automation.
Drag the points to adjust the amount, and double click to add new points.

Tricky sounds can be made as well, but in general most changes will be done through the settings below.

  • PITCH : Adjusts the pitch of the kick


You can adjust the pitch from the area shown in the red box.
The wavelength/pitch is shown on the points.

You can make kicks that start high and fall lower as the sound progresses as well.

  • AMP : Adjusting the length of the kick sound


By dragging the points right and left, you can adjust the volume of the kick after the initial hit as well.
The length of a kick is important for the feel of a song, and can be adjusted to the tempo and rhythm of a song.