How to use vintage compressors (WAVES CLA-76)

Author: sleepfreaks

Utilizing vintage compressors


Peaks in sound can be controlled with a「compressor」.
When its just used for this function, why do so many different types exist?

This is because different compressors
apply different overtones, and control dynamics differently.

Even with the same settings,
the distancing and tonality will sound very different between different compressors.

One of the most popular of these are「vintage compressors」.
The sounds are fat, with alot of character, and are a valuable tool when mixing.

Here we will take a look at「vintage compressors」,
and some tips and points to keep in mind when using them.

Vintage compressors – Video tutorial

Types with set thresholds


Many vintage compressors don’t have a「threshold」setting.
The amount of compression is controlled via「Input」.


Because the threshold is set,
raise the sound entering the compressor to adjust.

Caution with attack/release


Recent compressors are set so the further the knob is turned left,
the faster the attack, and shorter the release.


Some are set up opposite to this,
so make sure to double check when using your compressor.

About threshold

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About attack

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