Waves Kramer Master Tape – Get rid of digital sounds with a tape simulator!

Author: sleepfreaks

Get rid of digital sounds with Kramer Master Tape

Kramer Tape Stereo

Do you ever feel your track sounds too digital and unnatural during the mixing process?

This problem might be solved with「Kramer Master Tape」.

「Kramer Master Tape」is an analogue tape simulator plugin.

It adds「warmth」and「thickness」to the sound, getting rid of the cold feel of digital sound.

If you want to add some character to your music, this plugin works fantastically.


Here we will use「The Beatles – Penny Lane」as a theme,
and apply「Kramer Master Tape」.

Kramer Master Tape – Tutorial

Beatles style piano sound tutorial

Kramer Master Tape basics

Speed Bias

  • SPEED : Determines the tape rotation speed.
    Fast (right) will give rich highs, and slow will give rich lows.
  • BIAS : High frequencies are added to get hold back noise.
    This also works similar to speed; fast (right) will give rich highs, and slow will give rich lows.


You can utilize a very unique Delay as well.
This is just a personal opinion, but this Delay is my favorite delay I have ever used.
We highly recommend it!

  • DELAY TIME : Adjust repeat time in milliseconds
  • FEED BACK : Adjust the number of repeats. If set to high it will repeat infinitely.


This is the bread and butter of this plugin.
By slightly saturating the sound, you can design warmer and fatter sounds.

  • RECORD LEVEL : The more it is raised the more saturation will occur.
    The「PLAYBACK LEVEL」will lower in contrast automatically to prevent drastic changes in volume, but clicking the chain mark in the middle will allow you to manually adjust this parameter.
  • FLUX : The more it is raised, the more the “tape head magnetically saturates,” further saturating the sound.
    This is a different character of saturation than previously mentioned, so compare/mix the two to your liking.

In conclusion, even purposefully over-saturated sounds can be constructed.
Play around with this plugin and find your ideal sounds!