Vocal Enhancer – Optimizing the vocals presence

Author: sleepfreaks

Editing the vocals high end to prevent getting buried in the mix

Vocal Enhancer

An enhancer is an effect used to “enhance” specific frequencies.

The「Noveltech Vocal Enhancer」is a plugin that, as the name implies,「an enhancer that specializes on vocals」,
working best to enhance the vocals high end frequencies.
You can quickly and easily apply the following:

  • The vocal becomes clear
  • It won’t get lost in the mix
  • The vocal moves forward in the mix

Try this out when you’re having trouble getting your vocals to sound the way you want!

Vocal Enhancer – Tutorial video

Video key point – Adjusting the effects strength


This is the most important factor in determining the effectiveness.
Adjust here first, and edit till you find a feel that works well with your song.

  • 1 – Determine how much to raise the frequency.
    The further right it’s turned, the stronger the effect.
  • 2 – This determines what area of frequency to boost.
    The further right its turned, the higher the effected frequencies.
  • 3 – You can visually check the change in frequencies.
    The orange is the frequency before applying the plugin,
    and white is the frequency after application.

Video key point – Detailed edits to enhanced frequencies

You can adjust the frequency span to enhance.


  • LO : Selects the minimum frequency to enhance
  • HI : Selects the maximum frequency to enhance

The span designated between「LO」and「HI」will be enhanced.

In addition, to create a more natural sound,
the sounds around the both limits will be effected slightly.

If you don’t wish to use this setting, select the「-24db/Oct」mode.
It will make it difficult to enhance the surrounding frequencies.