Great for Matching Loudness! MetricAB Tutorial 2. Playback Section

Author: sleepfreaks

Optimizing your reference track playback

Adapter Audio MetricAB

This is the second installment in our「MetricAB」tutorial; a plugin great for the mixing/mastering process.
Here, we will take a look at optimizing reference track playback via the「Playback」section.

MetricAB Useful functions and Analyze section – Video Tutorial

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MetricAB playback settings

MetricAB contains a variety of useful playback functions.

Loudness Match function

If the difference in volume between your track and a reference track is too big, it becomes hard to properly compare the two.
In this case, using the「Match function」to automatically adjust the volume works great.

Mixing/Mastering tutorial – About Peak/RMS/Loudness


  • 1_Choose the reference track you want to use and click the「Match」button
  • 2_The「Match」button will turn on, so let your track play
  • 3_When the「Match」button turns off, the process is completed

The Gain of the reference track will be auto adjusted to match the track in production.

Cue function


You can apply a maximum of 4 Cue’s (Markers) to any selected reference track.


Simply click the Cue button from「1〜4」on the point that you want a marker.
After setting up a Cue, click on the Cue button to instantly designate the starting point of the track.


The Cue points can be dragged to different starting points as well.
Cue’s can be deleted as well.

Delete Cue

Right click on the Cue you want to delete, and select「Delete Cue」.


By clicking the「Loop」button, you can also loop a designated span as well.
This works great when you want to use specific points in the reference track as well.

In addition, the Loop function can be applied to the 4 Cue’s as well.


The Loop span can be changed by dragging, or from the buttons on the right of the loop button, to control the Cue’s location and span (shrink/expand).

Filter function


By using the「Filter」functino, you can cut certain frequencies (hear selected frequencies) and monitor your sound.
This Filter effect is applied to both your own track and the reference track.


Click the「FILTERS」button to turn it ON.

From the left, they have the following functions:

  • SLOPE : Select from 12db/24db. The higher setting has a stronger filter effect (cut)
  • LOPASS : This filter type will cut highs, and keep lows
  • BANDPASS : This filter type will cut highs and lows, and keep mids
  • HIPASS : This filter type will cut lows, and keep highs

You can adjust the filter ranges manually as well.


Designate frequency spectrum from「HIGH-LOW」on the left, and the button on the right will bring up presets.
By clicking「Reset」on the bottom right, all of the filters will go back to their original amounts.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Many functions are available in this product to make it incredibly useful.
This is a great tool for monitoring and helps smooth out otherwise difficult processes.

Use it as a tool for arrangement and sound selecting reference during the song writing process as well.
Try it out!

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