BFD3 – 6. Mixer screen & individual outputs

Author: sleepfreaks

BFD3 – Bouncing audio to complete the track

After editing your kit, now it’s time to move onto bouncing your audio.


With a focus on individual outputs (to make editing easier),
we will take a look at BFD3’s mixer window.

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  4. 4Editing kits
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  6. 6Mixer screen & individual outputs *Current article
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Expanded mixer window

Most of the mixer windows parameters work in the same way as a DAW;
because of this, those who are used to a DAW should have an easy time navigating.


By clicking on the expand button in the red box,
you can make smaller edits to each individual mic.

Multiple mics are prepared such as kick, snare, and ambient.

You can edit volume and even add effects from this window.

AUX track

By using the “AUX track,”
you can organize multiple tracks, and use functions such as “sends and returns.”


Click “+” and select “Add Aux Channel.”
With this, you can add an “AUX track.”


Each kits output is found in the area in the red box.
From here, we can send the sound to the “AUX.”

By sending multiple sounds to the “AUX” track,
you can control the sounds with 1 track.

About AUX

Individual outputs with MIDI


Even with this type of MIDI setup, you can send the kit parts to individual outputs.


Similar to  “AUX,” change the output from “Mono” to “Stereo.”
We will use separate outputs for each part of the kit.


How to use  Stereo / Mono

  • Left : If the meter is 2 bars「Stereo」
  • Right : If the meter is 1 bar「Mono」

All that’s left to do is setting up your DAW.

DAW Individual outputs

Individual outputs with audio

You can export individual part of a kit as audio files.


Click on the “Export” button shown in the red box.

  • 1_Select where to export the file to
  • 2_Click on the instrument/mic you want to export (it will turn blue)
  • 3_Select the same bit depth as the song
  • 4_Check the “Host sync” box
    It will sync to your DAW
  • 5_Click “Start”

It will move to an exporting mode,
playing the DAW from the first to last bar.
The area that was played will be exported as an audio file.