Sleepfreaks Company profile

「Company Name」
Sleepfreaks Co., Ltd.

「Our Philosophy」
・Contribute to the growth of music creators, and revitalize the world music industry
・Create an environment to allow those who are talented and motivated to properly learn computer music

「Date of Establishment」


Tatsuki Kanaya

「Head office」

Tokyo Nakano-ku Nakano 5-67-7 801

Tel:03-5942-8836 Fax:03-5942-8921

「Tax advisor」

「Legal advisor」
高木啓成 (アクシアム法律事務所)

「Business Outline」
1. Creating and managing the production of music and video software
2. Advising on music related topics
3. Planning and managing events
4. Managing artists
5. Running music related facilities

「Message from Sleepfreaks」


Creating music via computers; a.k.a. Computer Music
As an member of the music community, perhaps you have heard of this term?

By utilizing the skills acquired through making Computer Music, you can record music and vocals, synths and rhythmic elements, and mix using effects and more.
You can complete the entire process of making music within your computer.

In addition, after creating a song, you can export the music file and listen on your iPhone, mail it to your friends, or share it with the world. We are truly living in an amazing age for music lovers.

Many amateurs and professional musicians utilize Computer Music for their own musical productions.

However when learning Computer Music, many complications arise such as computer settings, software installation, how to use, and production techniques.

At Sleepfreaks we provide video and article content to help solve these problems.

Through our content, we hope to provide a rich source of knowledge to those who are just beginning Computer Music, to mid-professional level musicians, and help elevate their skillset.

Change your dream of making music into a reality!
Let Sleepfreaks help you reach that goal.