BFD3 – 5. Muting and articulation (Model)

Author: sleepfreaks

BFD3 – Making further edits to your kit

We will take a look at expanding on the edits we made in our last article.


From “Model,” you can edit the sound, “damping,” and playing styles.

Although these edits go further into detail,
by mastering these, you will be able to utilize “BFD3” for any song you create.

Lets move onto the tutorial.

BFD3 Article access

  1. 1Purchase, Download, Install
  2. 2Reading and saving kits
  3. 3Groove – Using rhythm patterns
  4. 4Editing kits
  5. 5Muting and articulation (Model) *Current article
  6. 6Mixer screen & individual outputs
  7. 7BFD3 – Optimizing other software’s MIDI performances

Video key point – Damping


“Damping” is used to cut help dampen the tail of the kit sound.

  • Amount : The more you raise, the less tail sound
  • Frequency : Decides the “Amb Ratio” frequency
  • Amb Ratio : Determines the ambient mics tail
    The more you lower, the shorter the tail

This function makes a big difference in the groove and overall feel of a song.

Video key point – Articulations

There are many styles of playing available for a kit.
From “Articulations,” you can edit each playing style.


By turning on the “i” area in the red box,
you can edit the kit’s articulation and how it interacts with your keyboard.


  • 1_Select what playing style to edit
  • 2_Arctic Trim : Controls the volume of the selected playing style
  • 3_Vel to Pitch : Amount of pitch change via velocity
  • 4_Vel to Damp : Amount of tail length via velocity

In live drums, the strength of a hit makes a change in “pitch.”
Because of this, placing a small amount of “3_Vel to Pitch” creates a realistic sound.