Editing reverb to create groove

Author: sleepfreaks

Note length is important in reverb too

We edit depth and space with reverb,
and by cutting this reverb short, we can create tension and unexpectedness in the listeners mind.

When using lots of loops in a song,
adding this technique once every 4 rotation creates an interesting effect.

In addition, it works well when you have a break in a song and you want the volume to be completely muted.

Its easy to do.

Bounce the track with the reverb included.
The key point is to turn the reverb into an audio file.

波形写真 加工前

Cut the bounced reverb file.
You can do this following the songs groove or drum sequence.

波形写真 加工後

When listening to it alone it may sound strange,
but when played with other tracks it will create an interesting effect.
With a long reverb setting, the cut will sound more dramatic, and greater a stronger effect.

The feel will change greatly depending on the length of the cut, so try it out and see what you like!