Ultrabeat 1 – Reading and saving kits

Author: sleepfreaks

Manipulate your drum sounds

“Ultrabeat” is included in Logic.
As the name implies, its an important drum software that can be used to construct the rhythm of a song.


From tones and sounds,
creating drum patterns, and linking with the sampler “EXS24,”

it’s usability and functionality is bound to be useful in anybody’s creative song making process.

Ultrabeat video access

  1. 1Reading and saving kits *Current article
  2. 2Step sequencer 1
  3. 3Step sequencer 2
  4. 4Creating a kick
  5. 5Creating snares/hi-hats
  6. 6Side-chaining/Using samples

Video key point – MIDI assignment


Ultrabeat’s sounds are linked to your MIDI keyboard.
Using this, you can organically play your own drum patterns.

Video key point – Controlling individual samples

You can edit each sample individually.
Small edits are easy to make, and allow for a great increase in quality.


Video key point – Accessing kits


You can access preset kits from the area shown in the picture above.

Video key point – Creating your own kit

You can use single parts of a kit (just kick, just snare) to create your own custom kits as well.


Click on “Import.”


Choose the type of kit you want to use from “02 Drum Banks.”

Drag and drop the kit to the area that you want to use it.


Video key point – Saving kits


You can save your own kits, and use them in different songs as well.

Click on the area shown in the red box,
and select “save settings as” in the menu.


You will be able to access your saved kit from any other session.

Video key point – Reading samples from EXS24

You can read samples from the sampler “EXS24,”
greatly increasing its applications in your projects.


Click “Import.”

Sampler Instruments

EXS24 can be found in “Sampler Instruments.”
Select the sound you want from here.