Battery 4 – 3. Individual outputs

Author: sleepfreaks

Sending cells to individual outputs to edit

Previously, we had focused on the basics of “cells.”
We will now take a look at “individual outputs” that differ slightly from it’s predecessor “Battery 3.”

By using individual outputs,
each cell sound’s “volume/pan/effects/sends” and more can be edited in detail on your DAW.

Battery Video access

  1. 1Organizing sound libraries/Saving kits
  2. 2Editing cells
  3. 3Individual outputs *Current article
  4. 4Various Cell techniques

How to create individual outputs


Right click on the sounds you want to send.

From the menu that comes up, select
「Output」→「Direct Out」→「Channel you want to send it to (different for each sound)」. 

With this the preparations are finished.
All that’s left is to set up the “individual outputs” on your DAW.

Individual output settings