Vengeance Sound Avenger - How to use - Basics and reading presets

Author: sleepfreaks

High quality synthesizer with ready to go presets

Vengeance Sound

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SONICWIRE has authorized the distribution of the popular synth “Avenger” in Japan.
We will discuss the allure of this synth over a course of articles and videos.

For the first article in this series, we will discuss perhaps the most important feature of Avenger – having over 900 presets.
There are plenty of presets that are ready to use right out of the box, be it EDM or Dubstep, and can be integrated directly into your music.

Avenger – Basics and reading presets – Video tutorial

  1. 1Basics and reading presets
  2. 2Editing drum patches and sequences
  3. 3OSC control (waveform, voice, portamento)
  4. 4Using the wavetable
  5. 5Sound design with the LFO
  6. 6Sound control with the arpeggiator/macro
  7. 7Individual outputs for oscillators

Utilizing the rich variety of Avenger’s sounds

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger

When Avenger is opened, it will pop up with a Saw wave in OSC1,
with some preset reverb and delay.

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-1

You can turn the reverb/delay on and off from the ROUTE located on the right of the oscillator area.
By dragging the slider under it right/left, you can adjust the amount of the effect.

Lets choose some presets.

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-2

First, click on the icon labeled “Factory.”

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-3

It will show up with categories on the left, and presets on the right.

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-4

By dragging the slider up and down, you can scroll (works for both category and preset).

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-5

Click on category and choose a preset.

VPS Avenger_1-VPS Avenger-6

On the bottom hand right of the preset, there are macro controls that have been assigned to optimal parameters.
Here you can easily adjust the tonality and sound of the preset.

The preset shown is “Sidechain” and “Drive & DJ Sweep.”
Sidechain is a great sound to use for club and festival type music.

Dj Sweep has a HP filter and phaser built into the preset.
By turning knobs assigned to these parameters, you can utilize these effects to cut lows while phasing.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-1

Next lets select Bass from our categories, and click on the first preset.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-3

This preset has an audio waveform.
Avenger has sample basses, which utilize real sounds and sample them, which makes the process of trying to create realistic sounding bass sounds with a synth easier.

Avenger even contains drum sequencers with drum kits.
This makes it truly an all-rounder product.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-4

Lets try it out.
After selecting the Drums category, find the presets in the Drumkit folder.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-6.jpg

By clicking the preset, the drumset sounds will be assigned to your keyboard, allowing you to play in your own patterns.

However, there are those who find this process cumbersome.
In this case, you can utilize the Sequence function.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-7

Click on the first preset.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-8

By taking a look in the oscillator area, we can see that Bass 1, Bass 2, Pluck, Pad, and Drums are playing at the same time.
In addition, for this particular preset, playing the high notes on the keyboard give you access to just the “Pluck” sounds.
The sounds are seperated by Zone.

VPS Avenger_2-VPS Avenger-9

By clicking on the Zones tab, you can see which sounds are assigned to which keys on the keyboard.
Pluck is from C2 and above, while Drums are B1 and below.

There may be an octave difference in placement depending on your DAW, so its best to play your keyboard and check the difference in placement.
You can easily make a song by playing in drums from C1, and adding in Pluck with C3 and above.


Pull the tab cursor located above the oscillator area to reveal the mute and solo buttons, allowing you to solo Drums as well.

For this article we selected a preset from a category on the left, however –

VPS Avenger_4-VPS Avenger

by clicking the search tool on the right, you can search for sounds faster and easier via tag search system.
Just check the items that you want when searching.

In these ways, Avenger has a plethora of ready to use presets, and allows for alot of freedom in the creative process.
Its great tool for adding some Dubstep/EDM style breaks into a song, or for a blast of Wobble Bass sounds!

In the next article, we will dive deeper into this synth.