ARTURIA V Collection 7 Tutorial 2. Basic Overview of "Synthi V", "B-3 V2", & "AnalogLab 4"

Author: sleepfreaks

A New Legendary Synth,

V Collection 7

In continuation of our previous article, we will be taking a look at the ARTURIA V Collection 7.
This time we will take a look at the newly added legendary synth “Synthi V” as well as the newly updated and evolved “B-3 V2” and “AnalogLab 4”.

V Collection 7 Video Access

Synthi V

Synthi V

“Synthi V” is an emulation of the legendary Synthi AKS first released in 1972.
The V Collection utilized Arturia’s TAE (True Analog Emulation) technology to create a truthful emulation of the original.

Synthi V Preset

The presets are divided into categories,
with a wide variety from bass, lead, SFX, sequence, and more.

Recent hit songs have been frequently utilizing analog synth sounds.
Sythi V will prove as a powerful tool when recreating these styles as well.

Synthi V Pin Matrix

Synthi V main characteristic is the pin matrix placed in the center of the screen.

At the time, synthesizers used patch cables to connect one parameter to another, but this inevitably gets complicated.
Synthi V has input/output parameters placed on the matrix, and by turning on a pin you can design sound with the amazing layout.

Synthi V Pin Matrix-1

The top are the outputs, whereas the side are the inputs.
By placing a pin on the matrix, it connects the two parameters.

Synthi V Pin

Click on a desired point to place a pin, and click it again to delete it.
If you remove all of the pins there will be no output sound.

OSC Noise

Synthi V has 3 oscillators and a noise oscillator on board.


By sending the oscillator to the output, it will create sound.
In this state the oscillator will keep playing regardless of the keyboard being played or not. The volume and notes currently cannot be controlled.

Lead - Synthi V

Before sending the oscillator to the output, first send to the envelope, and send the envelope to the output.
By doing so, you can play the keyboard to prevent the sound from playing endlessly.

Synthi V Key

However, in this state you still cannot control the pitch on your keyboard.
To do so, place the keyboard pin to enable the ability to control pitch with your keyboard.

Now the keyboard input will allow you to control the pitch.

Synthi V Noise

If you want to add noise, by sending it through the envelope rather than sending it to the output straight away, the noise will be triggered only when sounds are played.

Synthi V Filter

If you want to apply a filter to the sound, place a filter pin on the oscillator (and noise/etc. if using).
At this state the filter output is stopped and no sound will be heard.

Synthi V Filter-1

By pinning the filter outputs the sound will be output as well.

Synthi V Filter-2

By sending the filter sound back to you in the pin matrix, you can even create a feedback effect.

Synthi V Amout Levels

By holding the pin for an longer period of time, the adjustment screen comes up. You can change the filter amounts to adjust the feedback.
This plugin really gives you more freedom than even before to design and control your own sounds.

B-3 V2


The interface has been reformed with newly added soul, church, and other presets.
This is a highly reliable bank of sounds regardless of genre.


In the modulation screen, you can even select the model of the tone wheel.
As seen, the ability to make detailed edits and customization have been added to B-3 V2.

“About AnalogLab 4”

Analog Lab 4

Last, lets take a look at the new functions in AnalogLab 4.

Using MIDI Controllers

AnalogLab 4 MIDI

ARTURIA’s hardware keyboards can control AnalogLab.
In addition, these controls can be setup for non-AnalogLab MIDI keyboards as well.

AnalogLab MIDI Mapping

Click on the settings wheel icon on the right of “MIDI Controller”.
From the pop-up window, turn the settings to learn and simply touch the desired parameter on your keyboard to assign it to the function.

AI Based Preset Searching

The latest version has implemented AI based preset searching.
Presets that are similar to the selected sound will be suggested.

AI Preset AnalogLab

Click the “AI” icon on the right of a preset that you like.

AI Preset AnalogLab-1

By doing so, preset candidates will be found accordingly.
This is a useful function for quickly finding your desired sounds.

Arturia Sound Store

This allows you to purchase downloads (and free downloads) of preset sounds made by various creators across the globe.

Analog Lab 4 Store

Click on “Store” from the top right.

Arturia Sound Store

By doing so, a variety of presets will line up, so click on a desired package.
The packages labeled “Free” can be downloaded for free.

Analog Lab 4 Store

In the package, the product that a preset is compatible with will be displayed, and by clicking “Get”, you can download/install the preset.

Analog Lab 4 BANKS

From “BANKS” you can easily bring up presets by package.

Concerts Function

CONCERT AnalogLab 4

Concerts allows you to upload and bring up multiple presets to perform them in real time.

CONCERT AnalogLab 4-1

Concerts are measured as 1 live performance, and you can upload the songs you will play into it.
By uploading presets into the songs, you can quickly bring up presets on the go and proves to be and incredibly useful function.
You can save up to 128 presets in a song.

This completes our second look at “V-Collection 7”.

A new legendary synth has been added, with lots of polished up presets.
The ability to use various sound presets via AnalogLab 4 is a powerful tool as well!

“B-3 V2” and “AnalogLab 4” can be updated for free by V Collection 6 users, and a demo version is also available, so be sure to try it out!