Waves Vocal Rider – Vocal volume control

Author: sleepfreaks

Easily edit vocal volumes「Vocal Rider」

The quality of your「vocal track」can make or break a song.

Of course recording in a good environment/gear is important,
the after care via「automation」is important.

However, this process can be very troublesome/time consuming.

What does this process automatically is「Waves_Vocal Rider」.

Vocal Rider – Tutorial video

Video key point – Automation settings

WAVES_Vocal Rider target

Edit the volume parameters via「Target」.
The yellow meter represents the current vocal volume, and「the fader will move up/down」based on this setting.

Video key point – Editing individual knobs

WAVES_Vocal Rider-1

  • 1 – Designate the faders range of movement
  • 2 – Select fader speed.
    Edited with the tempo/song style in mind.
  • 3 – Select the max/min volume the fader will move to.
    The fader won’t move beyond these points.

Video key point – Using side chain

WAVES_Vocal Rider_サイドチェイン

By applying sidechain to a song,
the fader will change with the vocal volume in mind.

The vocal will fit nicely into the mix, and lead to a better overall quality.

Automation with gain reduction taken into account

Advantages to recording with a compressor