Various edits in Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

Editing to create a song


We will now add edits to our previous material to create a song.

Editing covers copy, paste, move, cut, and other various functions.
We will go over some of the necessary basics in this article.

These are all tools that can be used right away, and we recommend muscle-memorizing these functions.

Copy/pasting in Logic

The ability to duplicate audio is a necessary function in Computer Music.

Select the material that you want to copy and enter


By doing so, the data will be temporarily held by your computer.
When this happens, there will be no visual changes that occur.

Click the “selector tool,” select the bar your want to paste the file to,
and enter


By doing so, the copied data has now been pasted.
This function is called paste.

Moving audio

Lets try moving some material to a new location.

Select the “arrow tool,”
and click/drag the material you want to move.

Splitting audio

Perhaps you have 2 bars of sound, but want to move just 1 bar to another location.

However, if you “move” it, all 2 bars will be moved.
What you can use in this situation is splitting.

Select the “scissor tool,” and click from the point you want split.

The material has been split, and now individual bars can be moved.

Logic – Splitting by region

This works great when you want multiple divisions within a region.
You can split your material into multiple cuts in 1 move.

Combining audio

There is also a function that does the opposite of splitting, by combining 2 or more materials to make 1.

Select the “glue tool,” and click the area you want combined.

The files are fused into one as shown above.

Applying fade/cross fade to audio

When recording vocals, guitar, and other audio,
sticking two different takes together will end up with an unnatural sound.

This problem can be solved with the “fade” function.
By adjusting the fades between tracks, you can create a more natural transition of sound.

Switch to the fade tool, and select the area that you want to apply a cross fade to.

The cross fade will be applied as shown above.

Fade in/out audio

Using the fade tool above, by selecting the head/end of audio,
you can fade in and out the sound.

Fade in/out/Cross fade tutorial

After checking out the article above, use the video to double check the steps.

Adjusting audio length

By changing the length of the audio, you can fit it to just the area you want.
You can also set the start/end point of the audio to fit perfectly within a bar.

Select the arrow tool, and pull on the area shown in red to the right/left.