Computer music basics - Loop functions - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

The simple task of repetition

Repeating a specific part of a song;
though simple in theory, there are many ways to utilize it, and this function is a must in Computer Music.

We will take a look at looping’s uses here.

Looping tutorial

This video covers how to set up looping, as well as some examples of use.

Loop set up

Turn the “cycle” ON from the transport,
and pull the locater area to designate the area you want looped.

Logic – What you can do with looping!!!

「Making phrases」

From looping the verse of a song to think of guitar phrases,
to trying out different synth patches while the MIDI is looped,
looping works great when writing a track. This function may be the cornerstone of Computer Music!

「Checking specific parts of a song」

When playing back your song, you hear some unwanted noise…
But you don’t know what track it’s coming from…
In this case, loop the area that you heard the noise, and solo each track to look for it while it loops!!
This allows you to quickly find the problem.

「Practicing/copying songs」

Perhaps you are having trouble with a guitar solo.
Back in the days, you might have rewound a cassette tape to listen back.
Now, you can use the loop mode to repeat a certain area of a song, and practice parts both quickly and effectively.

「Sequencing drums」

We will loop one bar and enter notes with a pen tool to sequence drums.
This allows you to listen to the rhythm while sequencing, allowing for a more instinctual/fun experience! Velocity and quantizing edits can be done during this process too.
We tried our hand at this method too.

By playing on the keyboard, you can sequence in real time,
and you can record kick on the first take, snare on the second, and so on.

「Volume/plugin adjustment when mixing」

Do you ever face the problem
of the sound that you are applying compression and eq to stops playing?
This can be especially annoying when making small edits.
By looping the area you are editing, you can work on it without worrying if the audio is going to stop.