Massive 1 Native Instruments - Oscillators

Author: sleepfreaks

Thick sounds for leads and bass – Massive

Massive is a synth that utilizes old school “subtractive synthesis” to create sound.
Perhaps its most intriguing characteristic is its “thick” sound.

Massive utilizes old techniques to create new sounds.

In addition, parameters like “envelope” and “lfo” are set-up in a way thats easy to use,
allowing beginners to quickly learn how to design their own sounds.

Here, we will discuss the basics of “Oscillators – OSC” in Massive.

Access Massive videos

  1. 1Oscillators
  2. 2Glide & FM
  3. 3Filters
  4. 4Envelopes
  5. 5Macro Control
  7. 7Adding Presets
  8. 8Using Multiple Modulation
  9. 94 Types of Modulation
  10. 10Changing to a max. of 128 sounds with 1 track

Key point – About the Oscillators


Massive oscillators are distinct, using 2 or more waveforms.
Select a waveform in「1」, and change it in「2」.


By changing the pitch of the 3 oscillators,
you can “harmonize” or “thicken” the sound.

You can control the volume of each oscillator from the “AMP” knob on the right.

Key point – Voicing tab


You can operate many osc controls using the “Voicing tab.”

  • 1_Layer waveforms and fatten up sound via “Unisono”
  • 2_Offset pitch to create a chorus effect via “Pitch”
  • 3_Spread sound right and left via “PAN”