Stylus RMX 4 – Edit Group functions

Author: sleepfreaks

Stylus RMX – Cleaning up your grooves

The variety of stylish and groovy patterns are a huge selling point of Stylus.
There are most likely many who utilize it for the main beat of their songs.


The patterns are laid out in this way via MIDI.
What becomes problematic here, is the editing of the individual instruments (ex. kick & snare).

We recommend using the “Edit Group function” in this situation.
Because you can edit the individual instruments within the kit, you can further perfect on the patterns provided.

Stylus video access

  1. 1Basics and patterns
  2. 2Editing rhythms
  3. 3Reading REX files
  4. 4Edit Group functions *Current article

Using the Edit Group

Edit Groupを開く

Click on this area to open the “Edit Group.”


Click on “ASSIGN,” and select what portion of the pattern to edit.


By selecting the area you want edited,
just that part will be changed in Stylus.


You can also edit the “FX.”