Stylus RMX 1 – Basics and patterns

Author: sleepfreaks

Specializing in club/electronica style rhythmic sounds “Stylus RMX”

“Stylus” is from the company SpectraSonics.

It is a treasure trove of high sound quality/cool patterns.

You can freely “edit” or “reconstruct” these patterns,
or even use the high quality sound files to make your own beats.

Stylus video access

  1. 1Basics and patterns *Current article
  2. 2Editing rhythms
  3. 3Reading REX files
  4. 4Edit Group functions

Video key point – Changing sounds and mode


In the area shown above, you can manage

「Core Library」: samples prepackaged with Stylus
「EXP Library」: additional sounds (sold seperately)

By selecting the “Core Library,”
you can select “loop,” “genre,” the sounds, and more from the window below.

Video key point – Exporting patterns to your DAW


↑ You can select patterns from the right area of Stylus.
It will start playing immediately after clicking.

If you find a pattern that you like

“drag and drop” the area shown in the picture into your DAW.

Video key point – Using the sounds


You can access the sound files from “Sound Menus” in the “Core Library.”

Video key point – MIDI channel


Stylus has 8 MIDI channels.
You can use different kits and loops in each track.