Stylus RMX 3 – Reading REX files

Author: sleepfreaks

Stylus RMX – Using REX files to reach new heights

“REX” files are often found in sample CDs or magazine extras.
You can input these files into Stylus and utilize them. 


Because you can freely choose folder names in Stylus,
it is great to use for organizing or collecting files.

Stylus video access

  1. 1Basics and patterns
  2. 2Editing rhythms
  3. 3Reading REX files *Current article
  4. 4Edit Group fuctions

Video key point – Uploading the SAGE Converter

Sage Converter

  • Mac : Application folder → SAGE Converter
  • Windows : Program files → SAGE Converter

You can bring up the converter using the steps shown above.

Video key point – Reading REX files


Drag and drop the folder containing the “REX files,”
into the converter.


  • Use English for the folder name
  • The maximum number of REX files that can be converted is 61.
    If the folder has more than that number of files, please separate into different folders.

Video key point – Using REX files

You can access your REX files in Stylus –

User Libraries

– from the “User library.”