Stylus RMX 2 – Editing patterns

Author: sleepfreaks

Stylus RMX – Effects and editing patterns

“Stylus” is from the company SpectraSonics.

We will continue from our last article, and focus on “effects” and “rhythm editing.”

Stylus video access

  1. 1Basics and patterns
  2. 2Editing rhythms *Current article
  3. 3Reading REX files
  4. 4Edit Group fuctions


You can access “effects” from the “FX tab.”
You can apply a variety of effects such as distortion and reverb.

Video key point – Using specific instrument loops

Stylus has a variety of multi-instrument loops,
but there are also single instrument loops available.

Groove Elements

By selecting “Groove Elements” from your “Core Library,”
you can access the instruments, and choose a loop of your choice.

Video key point – Adjust loop groove


You can control the groove of a loop from the “Time tab.”
You can choose from a multitude of styles (i.e. swing, tighten, loosen).