Addictive Drums 2 – 3. Grid Search & Transform

Author: sleepfreaks

AddictiveDrums 2 – Powerful new beat functions


Continuing from our last article, we will now move onto the “BEATS” tab.

  • Grid Search : Designate patterns and search, reconstruct patterns
  • Transform : Add groove to selected pattern

These two functions prove very useful.

You can utilize these tools to customize patterns according to the song.

Addictive Drums 2 – Tutorial video

  1. 1Presets and kit selection
  2. 2Beats – Drum pattern selection/application
  3. 3Grid Search & Transform *Current article
  4. 4Edit window
  5. 5Editing individual instruments
  6. 6Applying effects and individual outputs
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Grid Search

  • 1_Enter kit pattern (individual patterns can be selected as well i.e. just for kick)
  • 2_Patterns closest to what was entered will be displayed

With this you can quickly access the patterns you are looking for.


You may realize that when you select a pattern, the “Grid Search” changes.

  • 1_Notes that are the same for the pattern entered / pattern selected
  • 2_Notes that aren’t the same
  • 3_Notes that aren’t the same, but are included in the pattern selected

Select a pattern from the results,
and select “Replace” to switch it out with a designated pattern. 

This is useful when you like the sounds, but want to just switch out the kick.


By using Transform,
you can control dynamics, timing, volume/tone, and beat length.
This is incredibly useful for designing the drum sound to fit into your music.


  • 1_Amount of dynamics (tonal nuances will change as well)
  • 2_”+” will make the on beats stronger, and the off beat weaker, while
    “-” will do the opposite
  • 3_Applies variety to “timing” and “dynamics”
  • 4_Adjusts individual kit component volume
  • 5_Adjust individual kit component tones (articulation)
  • 6_Changes pattern speed (double or half)
  • 7_Determines beat length when exporting MIDI
  • 8_Resets all function from 1〜7

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