Addictive Drums 2 – 2. Beats – Drum pattern selection/application

Author: sleepfreaks

Easy to use drum patterns

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_2

Addictive Drums contains a wide variety of drum patterns.
By utilizing these, even beginners can easily sequence drums into their music.

Addictive Drums 2 – Tutorial video

  1. 1Presets and kit selection
  2. 2Beats – Drum pattern selection/application *Current article
  3. 3Grid Search & Transform
  4. 4Edit window
  5. 5Editing individual instruments
  6. 6Applying effects and individual outputs
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Bringing up drum patterns

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_1

To bring up the drum patterns, click on the “BEATS” tab.

Narrowing down drum patterns

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_3

  • Library_Select on the kits you’ve purchased to narrow results.
  • Category_Narrows down via genre
  • Tempo_Narrows down from your DAW tempo (±10 or ±20)
  • Time Sig_Narrows down with time signature i.e. 3/4,4/4

Selecting drum patterns

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_4

  • 1_Select a pattern that you like
  • 2_Detailed versions of the pattern selecting in 1 are displayed
  • 3_The pattern selected in 1 is displayed

When the DAW tempo and drum pattern doesn’t sync,
click “Sync Tempo” to sync the drum pattern to the tempo.

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_6

By keeping “Sync Play/Stop” ON,
the drum pattern will play follow the DAW playing/stopping.
(Turn off after dragging & dropping the drum pattern)

Using drum patterns

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_7

When you find a pattern that you like, drag and drop it into your DAW.

AddctiveDrums 2_Beats_ドラムパターンの選択と適用_8

Because it is in MIDI, you can edit the pattern sequence in your DAW as well.

Try it out!

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