Great for Mixing/Mastering! MetricAB Tutorial 1. Basic Functions

Author: sleepfreaks

Easy reference track listening/analyzing in your DAW

Adapter Audio MetricAB

Let’s take a look at ADPTR Audio’s 「MetricAB」.

This plugin works great in your DAW for mixing/mastering processes.

Generally, if you place a reference track(to compare with the track in production)into your DAW, the effects applied on the master track will also end up applied to the reference track.

By using this product, you can not only solve this problem, but also make detailed comparisons of 「frequency spectrum・pan/spread・phase・loudness」 between the track in production and the reference track.

In our first article, we will take a look at the overall basic functions of MetricAB.

MetricAB Tutorial 1. Basic Functions

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Opening MetricAB in your project

First, open MetricAB on your master track.

Adapter Audio MetricAB 立ち上げ

Always be sure to place it last in your effects chain.
By doing so, the reference track won’t be effected by the other effects placed in the master track.
The current song in production has effects applied to it from the master track.


It’s easy to upload reference tracks as well.
Simply drag and drop a song file into MetricAB’s song list.
You can upload a maximum of 16 songs.

Remove Audio File

To delete an uploaded song, click the menu icon of the song, and select「Remove Audio File」.


It’s easy to switch between songs as well.
While the DAW is playing, click the「A/B」button on the left to switch between the track being made(A), and the reference track(B).
In addition, by clicking on the song title of a track in the songlist, the track will instantly be played.

Saving settings

There are many cases where you want to use the same track list in another project as well.

Save as

Click on「Default」, and designate a location and name to save the current setting as a preset.


Next, select「Open」in MetricAB in another track, to quickly access saved presets.

We suggest saving different presets by genre like ROCK/POP/EDM.

One thing to watch out for when uploading reference tracks, is that when the track is moved/deleted from the point it was uploaded from(in this case the desktop)MetricAB will be unable to access the file when it’s opened again.
We suggest having a select folder to keep reference tracks, and to upload them from that location.

If you’ve already uploaded reference tracks from various locations,

Create Archive-1

select「Create Archive」from the menu to create a preset folder with a compilation of the audio files.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

As seen, this plugin can greatly improve your workflow.
It can also be used as a reference for phrasing and tones during the song writing process as well.

Next time we will take a look at the monitoring functions of「frequency spectrum・pan/spread・phase・loudness」in MetricAB.

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