How to use Loop recording with Logic Pro

Author: sleepfreaks

Recording a specific spot in a loop

A great thing about Computer Music is the ability to be able to record over and over till you find the take you like.
However, going through the process of “play→mistake→stop→play→mistake→stop” is not an effective way of getting work done.

What we recommend using here is the “loop recording function.”

Because you can repeat specific areas to loop and record,
you can decrease the time spent re-doing takes drastically.

Logic useful recording functions

Loop recording tutorial

Logic X_ How to use loop recording

Select the span of the loop recording from the locater, and turn the cycle on.
Now just record as normal.

「How to record」

This allows you to repeated record the selected area.
After getting a satisfactory take, pause the session.


As shown, all of the takes have been recorded.
After pausing the audio, the last take (best take) will be prioritized to be played.

In addition, you can pick and choose from the recorded takes to create one final perfectly constructed take as well.

「Creating a best take from loop recording」

Saving just the last take

The loop recording technique above saves all of the recorded takes;
however, you may have projects where you want to keep just the most recent take.

Turn on the “Replace” button in transport and proceed to record.
By doing so, the older recording that is played over will be deleted.

When the “Replace” button is not shown,
right click an open space, and put in the check mark to show it.


Thank you very much.

We have went over some DAW tips for Computer Music.
By understanding these functions, we hope you can better navigate your way through Logic.

We also hope you have grasped the concept that “Computer Music isn’t difficult to do.”

Until you’ve gotten used to it, we recommend trying it out every day,
and muscle-memorize the various functions.

We hope you enjoy learning to make music with us!
Good luck!