MIDI sequencing in realtime - Logic Pro: How to use

Author: sleepfreaks

Recording software instruments with a MIDI keyboard


Recording software instruments can be done by inputting MIDI notes directly with a MIDI keyboard.

Recording MIDI notes with a MIDI keyboard allows for a faster work-flow.
Of course, we can change the notes after recording the MIDI too.

Recording to Logic Pro X in realtime

This term describes recording to Logic Pro X in real-time.

Recording to Logic Pro X with a MIDI keyboard

2_Rec button

Add a software instrument to a track, and press the rec the button.

Play the MIDI keyboard to make sounds.
If we want to play on a different track, engage the other instruments “R” button.


To push the transport’s rec the button to start the recording.

Logic X _Recording to Logic Pro X flow

1_Turn on the rec button

2_Click the transport’s rec button to record

3_Playing along with the click

4_After you’ve finished playing, press stop

4_Record pianoroll

That’s it.

「If we make a mistake?」

If we aren’t satisfied with a take, press the delete button.

Quantize fixes timing

Check the piano roll.


The MIDI notes aren’t lined up with the bars.

This is an advantage to recording in real time, but if this is not the objective, we can line up the timing to be perfect with the “Quantize” function.

「What is “Quantize?”」

Quantize takes care of the timing, bar, and beat of notes.

This video will take a look at “Quantize.”
This is an important function, and is an important part of Computer music.

Quantize settings


Select the notes you want edited,  and press the red boxed “Q” button.

Or, press Q on the keyboard.

7_after quantize

The notes adapt to the grid.

Beware of the quantizers subdivisions.

Make sure it is set to the divisions you want.

8_Quantize note

We can adjust the subdivisions and more.

Let’s see an example.

1/16 note


Use this to subdivide notes into 16ths.
The phrase is a little off time.
Lets try quantizing to 1/8th.

10_After 16th

If you want your phrase to have 16th notes, use the 1/16 subdivision instead.

11_Edit 16th

As you can see, the notes have been quantized.

Velocity and length of sounds

Velocity and length determine how the MIDI notes will sound on the instrument.
Changes to both of these parameters can be made after recording.

Recording the melody in real-time

Recording the melody in real-time.
This allows for faster workflow when making melodies.