Get started with the Piano roll editor_Logic Pro X

Author: sleepfreaks

Input MIDI on the piano roll

1_piano rollWe will discuss inputting MIDI onto the piano roll.

This is the most important window for editing MIDI.
Lets take a look at the details

Input MIDI to record a drum track

This video takes a look at inputting MIDI to make a drum track.

Rhythm on/off beats

A combination of on/off beat patterns make for a cool drum beat.
This video will look into this in detail.

Input MIDI to record a drum track in Logic Pro X


Using the pencil tool, we can input MIDI data.
If we make a mistake, we can delete the MIDI data.

This is the finished MIDI above.

※We do not need to think about the MIDI length for drum sounds

How to change the window zoom

3_Vertical zoom slider

We can zoom in to see regions or events in closer detail, or zoom out to see more of the project.

Set the project time signature

4_change the division

Right-click the blank part of transport and customize control bar and display.

5_change the division_2

Select “Custom” and “time signature/division.”

6_Change the grid

Piano roll will change the time signature which in turn changes the division of the bar shown in the red box.

Drum layout on the keyboard

Drum sounds are designated to certain keys on your keyboard.
Though complicated at first, it will stick rather quickly when trying it out.


Input MIDI to record piano roll with software instruments

Software instruments rely more on note length than drums.

8_change the length

※Drag on the right or left of the note to extend the length of a note.

The sounds will change depending on note length.
Length makes a big difference in the sound, so adjust accordingly.

9_Short notes

10_long notes

Overview of Bass

The bass is an important instrument the body of the rhythm.

We will look at the details of the bass.

Velocity determines note strength

The strength of a note is important for musical expression.
The strength of a note is called the “velocity”.

When inputting MIDI manually, the notes will have the same velocity.
Let try changing it.


Choose the velocity tool from the tool menu, and drag the note.

12_change the velocity

After changing the velocity, the color of the notes will change.

Take a listen to the sounds.

Before changing

After changing

The sounds have been changed accordingly.

12_change the velocity

These series focus on learning MIDI sequencing.